Let's customize your Jewellery Showcases

At Jewellery Showcases we listen intently to our customers' requirements and incorporate the customers' design ideas into the display cases.

Our professional sales staff take note of the client's specific display case requirements, their business philosophy, where exactly the jewellery showcases or display cases will be positioned, the size and dimensions, and special requirements such as lighting, colour, glass options, security locks, etc. After we have a solid understanding of the client's specific wishes, we provide a detailed 3D CAD drawing thus ensuring a life-like rendering of what the display cases will look like.

Once the client has signed off on the rendered design, we propose a delivery date, after which the display cases will be built. The designated sales rep will be in communication with the client during the process until your jewellery showcase or display case is delivered to your store.

Please give us a call if you're ready to discuss your jewellery display case needs and one of our staff will gladly assist you!

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